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Can you give me a quote over the phone/email ?

This is a popular question and the answer is no.  It is not possible to precisely diagnose your unit with out taking the lid off or not even seeing it. Just becasue you " Google'd " the fault, doesn't mean anything. 

If it is something we have seen before we may be able to give you a guide, but to be precise over the phone is guess work.

I looked it up on Google, and it said....

The Internet can be informative, but we also know its full of alot of meaningless, time wasting jibberish, written by people that do not have all the facts and knowledge about the topic. Non certified technical experts,  Don't be convinced that what you are reading is always the truth.

Unfortunatley, as we have come to find out from our customer feed back " If it's on the internet, it must be true !" 

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